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Alex looks happy when he is with the cast and crew, his son and if u notice even with his fans on pictures. Lesbian sex wet panties. No, the show I saw was promoting tthe 3rd year of Hawaii 5 0 …. If there was a relationship I would have thought he would have put her 1st and say he is with Malia and the kids.

Sorry for the long speech. Malia jones naked. Weird and confusing… He did seem tired, but that must have been because of the fact the interview was done at the end of full day of shooting. This is the first time a sitting president has visited Cuba in 88 years. My heart is broken thinking Alex may not be happy. Just read an article interviewing Alex where he states baby due weeks time.

Good prenatal care is important. Could it be then they are stil a couple then and we all are wrong to assume they are not?

And as for not looking happy, are you serious? For a while Conan was everywhere. Harley raine big tits at work. Carla September 21, at 9: I think this is wonderful news for Alex and I hope he and Malia are very happy together.

They are happily married for 5 years with a second child. Why Amber and Alex split could be of many reasons. Just my 2 cents here and now im more confused than before, Reply. I was really upset…. Iwould say they are living under the same roof but not living together as couple.

Alex looked at her and continued talking. The couple are already parents albeit with different partners than with each other. Sasha Obama, daughter of U. It seems she is palming the baby off already Reply. Maybe when he was trying to recover from the pain killer pills he was very vulnerable. That body does not look healthy she is skinny like most female celebs today that like it is a trend to be skinny stick. Were they introduced, did she approch him, he approch her? What if Alex falls in love?

Tiffany November 10, at 3: Muffie August 25, at Obviously, Alex likes her the way she is. Nude mature spreading. I loved the chemistry that Amber Clayton and Alex had on Three Rivers, and I loved it when it carried over into real life.

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Does anyone know if something has been said to try to keep this mum? Carla September 17, at I agree, I wish Alex would get marriedI hope Malia makes him happy. Oriental nude pics. Lizzie September 3, at 4: CateBlanchett reveals HarveyWeinstein harassment. Congratulations to Alex on the baby news.

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If he was truly happy he would go in front of the camera and gush about it as he did when he came out about her. Malia jones naked. Also is Obama's other daughter Sasha. Hollywood's newest star dads. Had diner this evening with a friend, ex co-worker and she told me she was with a guy I was already suspcious of they had something going on at the time I was working there.

And as for not looking happy, are you serious? What promo are u talking about that Alex and the others are cut out of the promo? Would I want to be called that way by my partner?

We all could see Alex in pictures during all this time only with fans and just them. Prince now that you mention that a fan from antoher board mention that the interview was studied, it could be true, you know because the reporter pretended she was surprised when she heard Alex will have another baby, she did not look that surprised to me, I am sure she already know since the annoucement came in August, we are not that naive to buy she did not know but since the interview came until now, because the show is going to start soon, she had to look as if it was her first interview after the annoucement, Back in July Malia was already pregnant and was seen on teh set at the blessing, Did not you think Tanya saw her?

What does it matter if Malia is flat. But, boy, if it was me with Alex hmmmm. When are you getting married? Obama is heading to San Francisco to take part in a Democratic National Committee roundtable discussion and to attend a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser. Asian milf next door. Only can hope he is for the family unit sake and his of course. He looks and sounds happy. As for the her pose on pics; I think she always want to be pictured from her left side, which she probably thinks is best.

President Barack Obama and U. These photos were probably taken with a long lens, without their knowledge. It was a good interview and I think Alex opened up even more.

Twitter and facebook that I follow the majority honor the relationship. Click to enable or disable desktop notifications.

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President Barack Obama, U. Big boob milf masterbating. He puts him in the spotlight, he is fair game for pictures. Mick will always have a place in my heart. Malia jones naked. Funny looking tits It does not offend me but it will get the comments section closed and there is really no reason to be mean to her she is a human in the conversation. I agree with so mch you say. This is the first child for O'Loughlin and Jones, who both have children from previous relationships. I guess that answers our questions about Malia tricking him by geting pregant.

PrincessCharming September 21, at 5: Want stories like these delivered straight to your phone? Cinthia September 20, at 2: Hey everybody, missed you guys — really did, had a fantastic summer, now as they say back to the grind full-time, but what did I miss. No-one has seen him out with Malia at the weekends.

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