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Iko uwais naked

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Blenda - A young Swedish girl slaughters an entire army of marauding Vikings. I even saw a handful of movies that are in serious contention for my end-of-the-year top Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights? Roald Amundsen - The first man to conquer the South Pole. Stepmom huge tits. Iko uwais naked. Bartholomew Roberts - The most successful and dangerous pirate to ever live.

Yue Fei - China's ultra-loyal, ultra-tragic barbarian-quelling warlord. Loved this movie for the action, the brilliant choreography, and the somewhat "indonesian" version of "Donnie Brasco" with way more teeth!!!!

It's to make up for last time where the subtitle meant nothing, this time the main title means nothing. Gareth already knew about the scenes in The Raid 2. Tarzan - The original noble savage, and one of literature's most hardcore badasses.

For me this character is more complex as well because Rama as a character in The Raid 1 is just the rookie. How Rama infiltrates Bangun's organization is through impressing and even saving Bangun's son, Uco, played by Indonesian-German actor Arifin Putra, in several prison fight scenes. There was drama and emotion and a different side of Jet Li.

Iko uwais naked

Arthur Du Mosch - Pinned a leopard to the ground with his bare hands. Seen as a no go zone it has since become a sanctuary to killers, gangs, rapists and thieves seeking accommodation in the one place they know they cannot be touched.

Selim the Grim - Bloody Ottoman Sultan who doubled the size of his empire and destroyed his enemies without mercy. Sofia boutella nude pics. The Spartans - The famous last stand of King Leonidas and his badasses. My wife's family were in Jakarta, so the move was a no-brainer.

But I feel there's a difference between showing something violent and then cutting away from it and showing something violent and then lingering on it. What else do you need from me here honestly. Design by Backroom Productions, Inc. It's bad enough when the villains engage in this kind of pornographic violence, but to have the filmmaking do this to the protagonist is the worse.

Milunka Savic - The most decorated female soldier in military history. RampageSuper Troopers 2. Any second now my gang contact will pick me up. Lyudmila Pavlichenko - Female Russian sniper with a dickload of confirmed kills. Two of the very best action films of the past decade are undoubtedly The Raid and The Raid 2: Stilicho - The last great hero of the Western Roman Empire, this Visigoth-smiting warrior defended Rome from barbarian invasion not once but twice.

Set in the slums of Jakarta, The Raid stars Iko Uwais as Rama, a rookie cop who finds himself drafted in to take part in a police raid on a derelict housing block that is being used as a HQ by local drug baron Tama Ray Sahetapy.

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But we've been practicing our twirly defeated-spins all day, we'll make this good. Lesbian girl haircuts. Anyhow, Rau spoke to Model. Marvin Heemeyer - After getting dicked up and down by City Hall, Marvin took matters into his own hands and welded together a killdozer you heard me to stick it to the man.

This is the perfect scene illustrating what this movie is. Now, I grew up in Jakarta, and so the car chase scene in this film, where was that shot?

Chris Kyle - The deadliest sniper in American history. But if we're talking about the movements. He gets hurt too. Iko uwais naked. This is a real thing that happened. There's even a redundancy where Rama learns that there is another undercover cop. Free naked beautiful girls. William of Orange - Career soldier, hero of the Netherlands, bane of the Irishmen and one tough son of a bitch.

Even though we are in a movie whose only purpose is to showcase lots of fighting, I don't think fighting is the answer. Edward Low - The Caribbean's bloodiest and most brutal pirate. I'm a big fan of the first film and big fan of this whole franchise. Roy Benavidez - One of the toughest war heroes in American history. They said, 'Aw, fuck Iko — he'd have his arse kicked. Beowulf - Mythical monster-killing hero pulled a demon's arm off with his bare hands.

My funky crab style is FAR superior to yours!! You don't mind, right? Sekonaia Takavesi - Fijian SAS hero single-handedly held off communists with an anti-tank cannon.

Joe Taslim is Judo still. Ii Naomasa - The last surviving member of his samurai warrior clan, he becomes commander of "Ii's Red Devils," an elite force of shock troops in the service of the Tokugawa Shogunate. So what happened was, we did a fight choreo, he slammed me and I kicked and bam!

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I'm sorry, that was unprofessional. Shockingly, I am not progressive in my attitude towards women, nor able to handle criticism from same!!

Jeanne de Clisson - When the King of France had her husband beheaded as a traitor, the "Tigress of Britanny" assembled a fleet of black-hulled warships and personally wreaked vengeance on the Crown.

So my prison stay, which was supposed to be a few months, turned into two years. Mature daddy naked. Buck Shelford - Rugby player has ball ripped off in first half, comes back and plays the second. Quick, shoot him before somebody notices!!

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Monsopiad - Legendary Borneo Headhunter who took over 42 heads in combat. It was like, 'We've got to raise our game. Jalil Zandi - The highest scoring F Tomcat fighter ace of all time. Thick ebony girls nude. Lesbian amateur ass How do you view your acting career so far? How did you get that gig? John Ripley - Single-handedly stopped an entire NVA armored division by climbing hand-over-hand under a meter bridge to blow it up with explosives.

Now nut the fuck up. Though I am a rival of your Dad, Arifin, I suggest we secretly work together. Iko uwais naked. The Indonesian actor and martial artist burst onto the scene with Merantau and had an even bigger breakthrough in The Raid. Eh, if the audience didn't rewatch the original earlier today, then fuck 'em. Funny the camera won't focus on him He knows, though, that he's going to have to get back in the saddle soon, having signed Uwais for a second Raid film with the working title Barandal, the Indonesian word for "thug".

Didn't the school in "Sukeban Boy" have a whole club dedicated to topless-fighting and naked fighting? Ash - Good, bad, he's the guy with the gun.

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Hello Again Release Date: Why simply marathon a good television show when you could marathon a good television show with some element of bisexuality, homosexuality, pansexuality or otherwise non-heterosexuality buried within it? My Bf's On The Phone! I think everybody is mad at this show for not delivering on all its queer promises regarding lesbian detective Renee Montoya, which include minimal screen time and being written off after Season One, although her ex-girlfriend, Barbara Gordon, did return for Season Two.

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